Exhibition in the Private Rooms of Paul I

The Emperorís private rooms remained intact from when he died in 1801 up to World War II. According to the will of the Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna, the belongings of the deceased tsar were brought here, including his field-bed and linen from the Mikhailovsky Castle, the site of Paulís murder. The bed appears to have been lost during the war.

The current exhibition displays the tsarís memorabilia, including a folding table of mahogany and a velvet covered chair with embroidered imperial cipher on its back. A free-standing pedestal supports the marble bust of Paul I produced by Marie-Anne Collot in 1774. Also on display are his handkerchief, shirt-front and Bible. In 1792, a door was made in the Tower study that leads out onto the terrace of the Private Garden arranged in the formal style.

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