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from 10.11.2021 to 13.11.2021

"Une vie de château". Life in a country estate and around it

Dear colleagues!

We would like to invite you to the Conference "Une vie de château". Life in a country estate and around it which is to take place in the Gatchina Palace, St. Petersburg, on November 10-13, 2021, within the framework of the St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum.

Old country estates are a living source of historical records; they preserve cultural values of the past. The conference puts the main focus on country estates which belonged to members of European royal families and nobility. For a long time, they served as centers of cultural life and economic activities, hosted remarkable art collections and are now considered architectural objects of great importance.

Many estates became centers of settlements of various importance. Later some estates found themselves on the outskirts of such settlements, others remained in their centers and still others were included into urban agglomerations, created naturally or artificially. Such changes were bound to have a significant impact on the cultural and social role of estates.

However, estates were not only visual and architectural landmarks, they also served as symbolic dominant elements of cultural life. That is why non-material heritage of estates is going to be one of the main topics of the Conference. It is especially important to share international experience of preserving such heritage, studying and understanding it, because various historical events resulted in the fact that some countries were forced to abandon the tradition of living in estates while others retained it in one or another form.

Conference languages  Russian, English and French. Spanish, Italian and German interpretations in consecutive form can be considered by request.

Applications to the Conference from foreign participants should be submitted before August 1, 2021

Applications should be submitted online. For the application form click here.

Travel and accommodation expenses for participants from other cities and countries should be covered by their organizations. In some cases, applications from foreign participants for covering travel and accommodation costs can be considered by the St. Petersburg Cultural Forum Directorate.

Please also find attached more information on the Conference topics and paper submission details.

Conference Coordinator: Maria Kirpichnikova, Scientific Secretary.


Appendix 1

The Conference is to cover the following topics:

- The concept of estate. Terminology issues.

- The estate as a town-forming factor. Estates which were built in towns and estates which became centers of new settlements.

- Economic activities of estates.

- Creation of estate collections and their history.

- Museumification of estates.

- Non-material heritage of estates  history and modern times.

- Restoration of historical estates and their adjustment to modern needs.

- World wars of the 20th century and history of estate complexes.

- The estate as a complex cultural phenomenon.

The duration of the report is 30 minutes.

Travel and accommodation expenses for participants from other cities should be covered by their organizations. The number of participants is limited.

Illustration Guidelines

Paintings, plans, photos, blueprints, figures, diagrams, drawings, sketches and other illustrations to be published with the paper should be provided in a separate JPEG or TIFF file with the minimum resolution of 300 dpi. All illustrations should have captions (e.g. Smith 1, Smith 2) with consecutive numbering. Captions should be provided in a separate Microsoft Word file (doc/docx) and Times New Roman font should be used. The places for illustrations in the paper text should be marked, e.g. Ill. #1.

Illustration captions should contain the following information:

1. The author (of the painting, blueprint, plan, etc.), if he/she is known

2. The tittle

3. The date it was created (for paintings, blueprints, plans, etc.)

4. The author of the photo (only for photographic documents), if he/she is known

5. The date it was taken (only for photographic documents), if it is known

6. The place where it is stored.

Metadata Sample

Author: Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich, PhD, Senior Researcher of the Gatchina Palace and Estate Museum, Russia, 188300, Gatchina, Krasnoarmeisky pr., 1.


Phone: +7 (911) 333-33-33

Title: Gatchina Palace in the 1930s.

Summary: The summary should state the main topic of the paper, indicate sources and describe the research results. It should not exceed 250 words.

Keywords: Balayeva, Gatchina Palace and Estate Museum, Emperor Paul I

Attached photo of the paper author (optional)

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