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St. Petersburg Committee for the State Inspection and Protection of Historic Monuments

Gatchina State Museum-reserve

Dear colleagues!

You are hereby invited to take part in the conference entitled
which will take place on December 4-5, 2014.

Conference Organizers:

— St. Petersburg Committee for the State Inspection and Protection of Historic Monuments,

— Gatchina State Museum-reserve.

With participation:

— Committee for External Relations of St. Petersburg,

— Agency M-PROMOTION (Poland),

— The state Russian Museum (St. Petersburg).

Information support:

— "Vestnik. "Zodchiy” 21. vek" journal.

Event location:

4 December — the Gatchina Palace (1, Krasnoarmeysky pr., Gatchina;buses go from the metro station «Moskovskaya»),


5 December — The St Michael's Castle (The State Russian Museum) (2 Sadovaya Str.).

The 20th century saw many military conflicts, including two world wars, which were increasingly more destructive with time. These wars could not have had no influence on cultural heritage, especially in Europe. Large-scale devastation required carrying out equally grandiose reconstruction projects, some of which have not been completed to this day. Unique restoration expertise was accumulated as a result in many scientific schools of restoration science, the famous Leningrad School of Restoration among them.

With time the attitude to reconstruction and restoration of monuments changed, as did the legislation regulating this sphere. Economy, changing political regimes and ideologies has also contributed significantly to these changes. Now, decades later, we can once again study and assess these processes in the historical context as well as in terms of contemporary restoration practice.

Organizers of the conference see its goal in discussion of post-war restoration of monuments, with special attention to reconstruction of monuments after WWII and focus on theoretical and comprehensive understanding of this topic. We also intend to discuss the experience of restoring a number of historic cities and towns, architectural ensembles and monuments and talk about people who made a significant contribution to restoring them.

Art critics, historians, architects, restorers, cultural studies experts, monuments protection experts, staff of museums at educational and scientific establishments are invited to participate.

Working languages of the Conference — Russian (English — if necessary).


If you have any questions, please contact conference coordinators:

Yulia Bakhareva, head of Department, St. Petersburg Committee for the State Inspection and Protection of Historic Monuments
phone: (+7 812) 710-44-76,
fax: (+7 812) 710-42-45,

Svetlana Astakhovskaya, Academic Secretary, Gatchina Museum-reserve
phone: (+7-813-71) 218-48,
fax: (+7-813-71)-215-09,

For more information, please visit:;