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20.05.2015 The Eagle Column Restoration Launched
Restoration work began in the Gatchina park to conserve the Eagle Column, the oldest structure in the park that appeared during the time of Count Orlov, who was the first to own Gatchina.

23.04.2015 Gatchina Museum-Preserve calls for visual submissions related to the Grand Terrace-Dock due to its upcoming restoration
The Gatchina Museum welcomes any submissions related to the Grand Terrace-Dock on the Long Island in connection with the future restoration project.

17.04.2015 The Gatchina Museum Preserve ranks in the top three out of 18 museums in St Petersburg
The Gatchina Museum Preserve received the cumulative rating which made it one of the top three museums, out of 18, in St. Petersburg. The ratings were determined over the course of two months.

13.01.2014 "The Arms Collection of the Gatchina Palace" returned to the Armor Gallery
The permanent exhibition "The Arms Collection of the Gatchina Palace" was transferred back to its original location – the Armor Gallery.

17.12.2013 The Gatchina Palace as seen in watercolors by Edward How and Luigi Premazzi
The unique collection from the Gatchina Palace-Preserve is the first time it has been displayed in Moscow in its entirety including all 56 sheets.

10.12.2013 Winners of the Alexander Nevsky competition awarded
The award ceremony for the winners of the All-Russian historical and literary competition Alexander Nevsky was held on December 5. The winners included the Gatchina museum-Preserve.

26.11.2013 A Knight of the Maltese Order attended the Priory Palace at Gatchina
The Gatchina Museum-Preserve hosted the conference "The Order of Malta and Russia" as part of the series "The Imperial Gatchina." A real knight from the Order of Malta attended the conference as a guest.