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On 18th June the Gatchina Museum-Preserve inaugurates a one piece exhibition presenting the album of architectural drawings "Atlas of Gatchina Palace with its gardens, menageries and other structures, including the town and fields.” The Atlas includes 50 sheets dpeicting design drawings for the palace and park structures as well as watercolor landscapes. Read more


The Gatchina museum presents the exhibition "1914. Let Rise All Russia for the Feat of Arms" jointly organized by the State Museum Preserve Gatchina and the Central Exhibition Manezh with support from the Cultural Committee of St Petersburg to be opened September 24, 2014. Read more


The exhibition “The Second Revival: Gatchina and Peterhof in the Age of Nicholas I” will open on December 15 in the eight newly renovated halls of the Gatchina Palace, the ground floor. Presented in partnership with the State Museum Reserve Peterhof. Read more


The exhibition “The Virtuoso of “Smart Choice” in celebration of 200th anniversary of the noted Russian architect R.I.Kuzmin is to open December 1 at the Gatchina Palace, Main Building, 2nd floor. Read more


September 24 and 25, 12-6 pm, the Gatchina Palace presents an audio installation “Whispering Square” on the parade ground in front of the palace.
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August 13 is the day of Paul I (the 160th anniversary since the unveiling of the monument to Paul I). On this day, 12 am-11 pm, the Pushkin Theatre of Pskov presents an open-air mystery play Paul I.
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The museums of Gatchina and Gatchina district invite you to participate in the Night of Museums, an annual event celebrating the International Day of Museums. Starting at night on May 21 and finishing in early hours on May 22, Gatchina’s twelve museums will be linked by 6 bus routs operating free of charge on this night only.
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The Palace Museum presents an exhibition dedicated to Karl Fedorovich Baggovut, Gatchina’s first honorary citizen, on December 16, 2010.
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The official opening of water labyrinth, widely acclaimed in Russia, took place October 8, 2010 in the Gatchina Park.
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Devoted to the 170th anniversary of P.I. Tchaikovsky, the Night of Music festival was held for the first time at Gatchina Museum-Reserve July 10, 2010. Read more