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The State Gatchina Museum contains an important collection of architectural drawings (1, 234 items). During World War II, the collection was evacuated to Sarapul. The drawings gradually made their way back to the museum beginning in 1946 to the late 1980s. Today, only seven exhibits are housed outside of the museum. The Gatchina Palace drawings are of great artistic and historical significance.
The collection includes drawings done by renowned architects such as S. van Zwieten, F.B. Rastrelli, V. Brenna, N. Lvov, G. Quarenghi, F. Demertsov, A. Zakharov, R. Kuzmin, A. Stakenschneider, and N. Dmitriev. A majority of the drawings in the collection relate to Gatchina’s history, although some of them reflect the architectural history of other residences of the tsar and manors of the nobility. These include designs and survey drawings for the parks and structures located in Dalny Dubky, Italian and Summer Gardens, Ropsha, Oranienbaum, Pavlovsk, Nikolskoye-Cherenchitsy by N.Lvov. There are also drawings depicting designs for the Winter Palaces in St Petersburg.
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