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Engravings and Lithographs

The Gatchina Museum-Preserves holdings of engravings and lithographs contain 633 pieces. The collection features colored lithographs and engravings depicting figures in various regimental uniforms that were originally placed in the private rooms of Paul I, Nicholas I and Alexander II, several views of Gatchina parks, portraits of prominent Russian statesmen, and of emperors and members of their families. Some of these were produced by foremost engravers, such as E.P. Chemesov, N.I. Utkin, I. S. Klauber, W. James, Ch.-A. Wortmann.

Some of the most important recent acquisitions include a series of engraved portraits of grand masters of the Order of Malta, purchased in 2012 and produced by the famous French engraver Lourent Cars in the 1720s. These were made to illustrate abbot de Vertots book, focusing on the history of the Order of Malta Histoire des Chevaliers Hospitaliers de St. Jean de Jerusalem, appelles depuis les Chevaliers de Rhodes et aujourd'hui les Chevaliers de Malte (first published in 1726).

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