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Wildlife of Gatchina Parks

The Gatchina parks are famous not only for its architectural and historical structures, but also for its unparalleled natural beauty. The variety of animals and plants here is amazing. The most common animals living in the park are squirrels, moles, field mice, bats and water birds. Just a few words about each of those.

Visitors to the park enjoy watching quick, red-haired animals that can take food right from your hand. Of course, these are regular squirrels.

Squirrel in Gatchina park

Another equally energetic animal, common in any park or garden, is a mole.


Surprisingly, there are five different species of bats in the palace park.


The field mice may seem at first glance harmless and unremarkable rodents with tales and lovely bead-like eyes, but it is only at first glance…


Water Birds in the Gatchina Parks

Birds in Gatchina park