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Green Corner Room

DSC02732-HDR_web.jpgDespite the small size of the room, the interior décor created by Antonio Rinaldi is stunning.

Of particular interest in the room are the sumptuous door panels made of artificial marble in two tints – yellowish and greenish. The door panels are surmounted with carved military attributes in stucco helmets, shields, and horns of glory. This theme is continued onto the ceiling decoration. The ceiling border in particular is remarkable for its ornamentation: in the centre on each side of it are medallions in relief depicting Russian emperors Peter I (the Great) over the entry into the Grecian Gallery, Peter II above the window overlooking the parade ground, Catherine II (the Great) on the northern wall, Elizaveta Petrovna in the direction of the Throne Room. The ceiling, window lintels and panels are also lavishly adorned with stucco mouldings of various shape and combination.