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The exhibition presents typical interiors of a child's room at the Alexandrovsky Palace, Tsarskoye Selo, where the crown prince Alexey and his sisters spent their childhood. The rooms belonging to Nickolas II's children were furnished according to the requirements for hygiene and comfort at that time. The rooms had their walls simply plastered and painted, with custom-made furniture. In the children's bedrooms, there were prayer corners with icons. The icon-case in the heir's bedroom was made to the designs of the architect Silvio Dagnini.

The children's religious education was of particular importance for the parents. Religious books and icons were among the regular presents they received on holidays. In addition to schooling, these rooms were certainly used for entertainment and games. On view here are early 20th century toys. The preserved uniform of Her Majesty's 1st Rifle Guards Regiment on display belonged to the crown prince Alexey.

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